To the ones who make it happen.

Contributing WriterSusan E. Jean

Susan worked in the fashion industry on both the creative and business side. Feeling dissatisfied with her contribution to positive change in the industry, she enrolled in the MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion at London College of Fashion and began her research in Social Psychology by studying the experiences of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic women within the fashion industry. Susan regularly contributes to Hajinsky Magazine on topics of diversity, organisational leadership and well-being.

Contributing WriterTaaka Ogoola

After studying fashion photography and working in PR and journalism, Taaka longed for an understanding of fashion that dove below the surface, which led her to study the MA Psychology For Fashion Professionals at London College of Fashion. Through her contributions to Hajinsky, which focus primarily on the beauty industry, she seeks ways to engage in discourse that challenge limitations in the way we see ourselves and representations of others.

Social Media AssistantArlina Donnelly

Arlina has worked in the fashion retail industry for over 10 years. A steady affection for visually aesthetic atmospheres meant a stint as a professional wedding planner alongside being a visual merchandiser. The culmination of her work experience ultimately led to a shift in convictions, causing her to reevaluate how she can contribute positively to the fashion industry. At Hajinsky she channels her curious mind and her inclination for creative writing towards engaging with our social media community in meaningful ways.

Design ConsultantTimothy Achumba

Timothy has worked in the design industry for over 10 years, most recently with companies like Microsoft and Facebook. He specialises in mobile design and is passionate about crafting digital experiences that help people. Besides his day job, he has partnered with his wife (our editorial director) Judith to start Akuko Studio, a creative agency specialising in the design of brand experiences and spatial integration of digital realities. Timothy is responsible for the design of the Hajinsky brand identity and website.